New Killarney Clinic

Irish Heart Health will be hosting a full clinic in Reens LIFE Pharmacy College St. on Sat April 30th. Places are limited and you can book by calling 064 66 32630. More information at just call into Reens.


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Heart Screening and Nutrition Clinic

Tralee Wed 30th Horans Health Store Clash.

To Book Call 087 2740788        Limited availability.


Erina is a registered nutritional therapist specialising in cardiovascular health for over seven years, and one of the most experienced practitioners in Ireland in this area.Included is a nutritional consultation and nutritional advice which has proved successful with hundreds of her clients. Book on 087 2740788


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Stop Sugar Bombing & get Healthy

Workshop April 9th

“The perfect way to Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Improve your Health” 


  • Lose fat fast and keep it off
  • Slow down the ageing process
  • Improve your mood and energy
  • Banish cravings
  • Prevent and reverse diabetes and heart disease
  • Cut your cancer risk
  • Seriously improve your health
  • Learn intermittent fasting and Low Carb plans.

Learn how to choose and prepare the foods & how to improve your health with nutrition. Understand the benefits of choosing the many healing foods available to us, and much, much more.

COST: €60                            DATE: Sat April 9th  (10 to 2)

Venue: Milltown                        Limited Places.

Book Today CALL  087 2740788  fruit heart

     Blood Sugar Balancing is a skill,

              Learn it for life!

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Heart Screening and Nutrition Clinic Douglas Cork

image  Ardfallon Late night pharmacy in Douglas will be hosting an Irish Heart Health Clinic on Sat Feb 20th. Book direct on 021 4292256.


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A most important blood test.

A visit to your GP once a year for a blood test is a good habit to cultivate, and one of the most important criteria to look at is HbA1c, this is a form of Haemoglobin that is bound to glucose and is used to see how well your blood sugar is controlled over a 2 to 3 month period of time. It is measured routinely in all diabetics.

In my clinics I encourage my clients to get the test done, even if they are not diabetic, and it is often on the high side, this information along with their lipid profile, especially Triglyceride levels and the PulseWave screening gives a bigger picture of where their health is heading.

Now  research is showing a link with elevated hbA1c levels and an increased cancer risk, making it perhaps the most important reading on your blood test. Aim to keep it at less than 32 mmol/mol or 5% if you are not diabetic.


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Castleisland Irish Heart Health Clinic Jan 29th


Irish Heart Health –  It’s all about prevention before intervention and these clinics are a powerful combination of the latest Pulse Wave Technology, careful risk factor assessment and targeted nutrition, provided by fully qualified, experienced and registered nutritional therapists. Full details at
We are delighted to announce a clinic in Slice of Life Health store, bookings can be made directly with the store 066 7142358 or with me on 087 2740788.
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Change your life a with LCHF workshop


So if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease or any inflammatory disease or  just want to  be healthier this is the workshop for you. Also covered will be intermittent fasting. You will be tasting great food, get meal plans and great notes to get you started.

A LCHF diet is one where the level of carbs in the diet is reduced and when you take out carbohydrate as a fuel source, you must increase fat….protein should stay about the same. Far from fat making you fat, dietary fat and body fat are two completely different things. To encourage your body to burn fat, you need to deprive it of alternative fuel sources (i.e. sugar/carbohydrate) so that it’s only option is to use fat. When you eat fat, so long as there is no sugar around, there is little or no impact on the hormone insulin (the fat storage hormone) and also no blocking of the hormone leptin. It is leptin that tells the brain you’re full. You need fat to feel satisfied, plus it tastes great and makes the food you add it to taste great.

The cost is €50 and it runs from 11am to 3pm on Sat January 30th in Milltown Co Kerry. Numbers are limited, just email me at

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