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Irish Heart Health can provide this service in your pharmacy, health store, company or organisation. Our current partners include pharmacies, health food stores. If you would like information on how this can benefit your business please contact us and we will send you full details.

Sally Smith owner of Open Sesame Health Store Ennis and Gort

“Erina from Irish Heart Health has been providing this unique and very popular service in both my stores since April 2011. The 30min consultation which combines a specific nutritional analysis, a risk factor assessment and a PulseWave measurement has proven to be very effective at not only raising my customers awareness to the state of their cardiovascular health but has motivated them to adopt and follow a personalized nutritional program.

The benefits to my business have been increased customer satisfaction, increased footfall with lots of new customers (there are four other health stores in Ennis) and the increase in retail sales of a wide variety of foods and specific nutritional supplements.

Irish Heart Health, offer me exclusivity in both these locations and gives excellent advice to my customers and are always available to offer support either by phone or email should it be required. All customers who attend the clinic are followed up and invited back to track their progress at regular interval. Good health is all about prevention.” Sally





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