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Defeat Diabetes this is a specialist consultation for the early detection of insulin resistance (the root cause of diabetes) and to address diabetes, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, abdominal obesity, uncontrolled weight and related cardiovascular conditions. It includes the specialised cardiovascular screening above. The diabetes referred to in this publication is type 2 only and NOT type 1. 

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Do you have an issue with any of the following?    Image result for risk factors for coronary heart disease

Is fatigue, chest pain, or poor circulation a concern?

Are you diabetic or pre-diabetic? is there a family history of heart disease?

Do you find it difficult to loose weight or carry your weight on your belly?

Would you like to know how healthy your arteries are?

Irish Heart Health is a specialist service providing a detailed nutritional, dietary and lifestyle assessment. Pulse Wave Analysis is a unique and pivotal part of this consultation, using the latest technology, which is fast, painless and non-invasive. Measurements including Central blood pressure and arterial stiffness are taken. These can indicate a deterioration in the health of the heart and arteries. Clients get a concise picture of where their cardiovascular health is now and where it’s heading with respect to the risk of having a heart attack/ stroke/cognitive damage in the future.

Defeat Diabetes includes the above  and a specific investigation into the signs/symptoms of insulin resistance. A copy of your most recent blood test results is useful, but not essential on the day. HbA1c testing may be available at a future date.


Are we ignoring the Root cause of Diabetes, of Alzheimers and More… 

By the time you are diagnosed as being diabetic based on symptoms such as blurred vision, fatigue, extreme thirst etc plus soaring blood sugars, there can be significant vascular damage done already, and you may well also be diagnosed with elevated blood pressure and cholesterol and in many cases, over 50% with advanced cardiovascular disease and you are at a significant risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. 

Diabetes also increases your risk of needing kidney dialysis, of dementia, heart attack and stroke.It is a progressive, (gets worse) debilitating disease.

What if you  could detect and address the underlying cause much earlier?

Diabetes is a hormonal condition that is caused by dis-regulation of the hormone Insulin. It’s a condition where the cells in your body become resistant or “deaf” to the function of insulin, they become insulin resistant.

Insulin resistance sets the stage throughout the body for inflammation and overgrowth, disrupts normal cholesterol and fat metabolism and gradually destroys our bodies ability to process carbohydrates. It is next to impossible to lose weigh if you are insulin resistant as insulin is the hormone that directs the body to store fat. Insulin resistance puts us at risk for many undesirable diseases including obesity, heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes. In the brain, insulin resistance, hinders the brain cells ability to process glucose and so despite swimming in a sea of glucose, brain cells in people with insulin resistance are literally starving to death. Alzheimer is type 3 diabetes! a staggering 80% of people with Alzheimer’s Disease have insulin resistance or full blown diabetes.


How else do we support your health?

We design a personalized program to enhance your overall health with particular emphasis on addressing any insulin resistance problem. Issues including metabolic syndrome, obesity, elevated blood pressures, arterial stiffness and raised cholesterol levels are also addressed.

The personalized diet and lifestyle program prepared for each person includes healthy satisfying low carb/healthy fat choices for meals. Meal suggestions and accessible resources are supplied.

We encourage clients to learn and understand the value of the dietary changes and to liaise with their GP, monitor their blood sugars (if relevant) especially if on medications. Criteria including weight loss, fat distribution, blood pressures, and other risk factors are monitored.

 The results for those who even partially make the changes, are over all, excellent. Diabetes type 2 is a PREVENTABLE disease.

Don’t forget! Bring a copy of your recent blood tests  if you have them. 

Who comes for an Irish Heart Health /Defeat Diabetes consultation?

These consultations are suitable for people of all ages, but in particular people in the 35 years plus bracket, those who have a close or extended family member with a heart or circulation issue or a blood sugar, abdominal weigh or obesity condition. However it is worth noting that 20% of diabetics do not have a weigh problem.

It is a personalized consultation which aims to focus a person on the prevention of diabetes, heart disease and conditions like Alzheimer’s. As in all areas of nutritional therapy all “red flags” are addressed, and we routinely work alongside your GP program.

Who will be doing the consultation?

The service is only provided by fully trained, experienced and registered nutritional therapists . All our nutritional therapists are registered with the  NTOI or BANT,fully insured and with a passion for prevention.

Meet our Nutritional Therapists

Erina MacSweeney

Erina MacSweeney BSc Food Science (UCC), Dip NT mNTOI

Erina is particularly interested in how correct nutrition can lead to optimum health and disease prevention. She undergoes regular training and is very experienced in the area of pulse wave technology, with over 7 years working in this area. Erina is passionate about teaching healthy eating, protective diets and lifestyles. She runs workshops on Low Carb Health Fat, blood sugar balancing, heart health, intermittent fasting, and has contributed to local radio discussions. She also works with exam students, give night classes on nutrition locally and gives talks to community groups such as the Active Retired. She also consults for the Irish supplement company Revive Active.

Erina is based in Milltown, Killarney Co Kerry Ireland and practices as a Nutritional Therapist. See can be contacted at 087 2740788 and info@irishhearthealth.com

Emer McCudden

Emer McCudden Dip NT mNTOI

Emer has always had an interest in food and nutrition. Having had the opportunity to take some time out to look after her children she decided to look into ways of improving the family diet and nutritional choices.
She attained a certificate in Naturopathic Nutrition with ICIM Galway in 2006 and following on from that, studied with Institute of Health Sciences for three years and seven months and qualified (with distinction) as a Nutritional Therapist in Spring 2012.
Emer has recently started practicing under the name Body Nourish in Portmarnock,
Co. Dublin and in the surrounding North County Dublin area. She is available for individual consultations, group work and talks on nutrition, health and well-being. Emer can be contacted at 087 2227590 and info@irishhearthealth.com

NOTE: We offer appropriate guidance to improve overall health and wellbeing. We do not offer diagnosis or medical intervention and suggest clients refer to their physician where assessments indicate abnormalities such as higher than average blood pressure or higher than average central aortic blood pressure readings, a high pulse rate or an irregular heartbeat.

Our Irish Heart Health Brochure gives more information…

See our  clinic locations.

A consultation costs €60, Irish Heart Health and €80 for Defeat Diabetes and takes approximately 30 to 60 min. It will re balance your health, boost your energy and keep you healthy!


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  1. Lynn says:

    Hi, I’m interested in having the pulse wave analysis done. Are you in Donegal or any nearby areas soon. If not do you attend Dublin?
    Thanks lynn

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